Everything You Need To Build Your Online Business, In One Platform.

Available March 1, 2016

Run your entire digital empire with the ultimate set of online business tools.

All the marketing, sales, and delivery features you need are finally in one place. You'll never be overwhelmed by having to juggle multiple systems again. Everything works together so that you can scale your business to the next level.

Digital Products

Built-in Payments

Affiliate Tools

Customer Management

Video Hosting

Landing Pages (Coming Soon)

Give your customers one place to login and access your marketplace of products.

Your customers won't need to keep track of several product logins anymore. One login makes it easy for them to access their purchases and buy new products with less steps. The inconvenience of multiple logins is now a thing of the past.

Create the ideal experience with an evolving library of fully customizable themes.

Pick from any of our beautiful themes and personalize them any way you want. If you prefer digging into code, use our robust editor to tweak anything you like. You'll deliver a product and site experience that will captivate your audience.

The All-In-One Platform You Need To Build Your Online Business.

The New Kajabi does it all...

Imagine how different your life will be when you can stop being overwhelmed with multiple systems, and start getting focused on a single platform. You won't have to manage several tools anymore, because all the functionality you need is finally here, in one place.

Digital Products

Sell access to info-products, ebooks, audios, videos and any other digital downloads easily.

Content Delivery

Create beautiful online courses, membership sites, and protected content areas in just minutes.

Product Marketplace

Feature a marketplace where your customers can purchase your showcased products with one click.

Shopping Cart

Collect money with a built-in shopping cart and integrated payments.

Payment Options

Offer subscriptions, payment plans, upsells, coupons, and giveaways.

Combo Offers

Combine any number of products into packages, at special or limited time pricing.

Responsive Design

Give your users a completely customized, mobile-responsive experience without touching any code.

Mobile Management

Record content, edit posts, manage comments, and everything in between with your mobile device.

Site Optimization

Optimize your site for all types of devices, browsers, locations, and search engines.

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Affiliate Tools

Track partner referrals, sales, and commissions with a full-fledged affiliate program.

Website Hosting

Power your homepage, blog, information pages, and the rest of your website as you grow.

Custom Branding

White label and mask everything you do, on your own domain, with your own branding.

Drip Content

Drip your content out to increase retention, prevent overwhelm, and automate delivery.

Language Support

Translate any default wording into the exact terminology or language you want to use.

Video Hosting

Get Wistia video hosting included, for flawless watching on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Beta users of The New Kajabi have already made over $5 million dollars in the last 3 months.

Reviews are in for The New Kajabi...

Don't take our word for it. Reviews are already pouring in from this final beta round, who were just this week where you are, on the outside looking in. Check out what they're saying about their new view from inside the platform:

Common Questions

What are the differences between Kajabi, Kajabi Next, New Kajabi, and Megaphone? Where do they overlap? Which ones do I need?

The New Kajabi was created to be the ONLY tool you need to market and sell your digital content. It is designed to be a complete replacement for Kajabi and Kajabi Next and will soon replace Megaphone (in the mean time, you get Megaphone for free if you sign up for New Kajabi).

Think of The New Kajabi as Kajabi + Kajabi Next + Megaphone + a hundred other things you never even knew you needed but will soon not be able to live without.

I am an existing Kajabi (only applies to Kajabi, not Kajabi Next) or Megaphone customer. Will I need to continue paying for them if I want to try The New Kajabi?

No! If you sign up for The New Kajabi, we will convert your existing Kajabi or Megaphone account to be free for as long as you are a New Kajabi customer.

Take a peek inside The New Kajabi...

You're just minutes away from having your first product all set up and ready for payments. Watch exactly how easy it is to start selling your content on The New Kajabi in this step-by-step walkthrough of a brand new account:

Available March 1, 2016

Over 20,000 people have made more than $200 million using Kajabi to share their knowledge with the world. Now, it's your turn. Experience the power and simplicity of having your entire business on one platform: